MTBE Contamination

The firm currently represents Maryland, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico in lawsuits seeking damages for statewide contamination of groundwater resources by methyl tertiary butyl ether (“MTBE”). MTBE is a chemical gasoline additive that has been identified as a suspected carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. MTBE was used for decades throughout the United States but has since been banned by numerous states and Puerto Rico due to environmental and health concerns. During the time that it was in use, MTBE gasoline frequently leaked from underground storage tanks, causing widespread groundwater contamination and posing a public health risk.

The firm works closely with the attorneys general and environmental agencies of Maryland, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico to prosecute the oil companies responsible for contaminating groundwater and drinking water resources with MTBE. The firm has extensive experience guiding its clients through complex MTBE litigation, including collecting and reviewing voluminous records, vetting and working with scientific experts, and developing sophisticated and creative legal arguments. To date, the firm has helped its sovereign clients achieve settlements in excess of $400 million to clean up polluted areas and compensate them for damages caused by MTBE.